Camerounians with asylum seeker around Europe

Camus Mbou Tene

camusCamus Mbou Tene is 34 years old and is currently being detained at Dover Detention Centre. Camus has removal directions to Cameroon for the 10 September 2010 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 at 8:00pm from London Heathrow via Nairobi. Camus history of seeking asylum in the UK dates to 2007 when he came to the UK to study English. After not being issued his renewed student visa as well as being denied asylum, Camus was forcibly removed to Cameroon in 2009. After being arrested and tortured upon his forced return, he finally was able to escape to the UK and despite this is AGAIN being denied refuge. NCADC was contacted by Camus’s campaign committee which is trying to gain support for his case before he is again removed and his life put in danger! He and his committee are campaigning for his removal to be overturned so that there is time for a doctor’s report to be carried out and submitted to support his claim. Where is he now? let see…

Constant Akwi Campaign

Constant AkwiPlease help Constant Akwi and her two children (aged 3 years and 17 months).

Constant has been in the UK since 2005. Unable to return to Cameroon for reasons of serious domestic violence by her partner she claimed asylum in 2007 in search of a safe haven in the UK. Her two children were both born here and have settled into life in the UK and are both happily attending nursery.

In the UK Constant and her children have received a good deal of support from local organisations, the local psychiatric hospital and the NHS. This support will be denied them, as it is not available in Cameroon, if they returned. Her son has a condition that demands regular monitoring and care and he is an out-patient at the local children’s hospital Alder Hey.

In Cameroon Constant has no family network or support to turn to and there is no social support available to help this family. She and her children remain at serious risk if they are returned.

Constant makes an important and valued contribution to her local community by volunteering community service at her local church. She also regularly volunteers with the WHISC charity in Liverpool. WHISC is a charity which aims to promote women’s health by providing information, training and support to women and their families.

Constant has done a great deal to integrate herself and her children in her new home and we believe that she should be allowed the right to stay.

Please let the campaign know of any emails/faxes you send:

Please, be aware that, all this informations are from NCADC.


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